Oasis of Living Waters

IMPACT STATEMENT: Together, growing to know and love God and to become the person He has created each of us to be.


You have been in a desert and I am the Oasis.

I am your only real source of refreshment.

My Spirit will quench your thirst, will give you new energy, a new life,

will restore the dryness, will rejuvenate your weakness.

Come to Me, your Oasis.  Rest here in Me.

Bask in all that I am, all that I have to offer you.

My Spirit will pour through you like a refreshing water, touching every parched spot, making you like new.

 I can and will refresh you, beyond anything you can imagine.

Joy will bubble up. You are free. You are free. All heaviness will drop off.

 I will flow- pure; perfect; life sustenance: bringing you life and satisfaction beyond words.

Like spiritual water, you need Me to live.


         Thank you for coming to the Oasis of Living Waters.  In my search to know God better, I have found that He truly does fulfill James 4: 8 – that as we draw closer to Him, He draws closer to us.  My journey of developing a personal relationship with Jesus- with making Him first in my life, my heart, my time- has been filled with wonder and joy and satisfaction that I never knew before.

      I have discovered that whenever I devote a part of my life to Him: whether it be what I read, the music I listen to, the way I spend my spare time, the friends I fellowship with; I find that these things centered on God are more fulfilling than what I did before.  His Word in the Bible has come alive for me; I have learned to listen and hear Him speak to me; I have discovered the joy and power of being filled and baptized with His Holy Spirit. 

       My desire is to help as many other people as possible also come to know Jesus, His Father and the Holy Spirit intimately, too.  I know that if you are willing to come along on this journey, you will experience fulfillment beyond what you could ever imagine and you will find that the things of God are infinitely more rewarding than what this world has to offer.  Come to the Oasis and be refreshed!


Mission Statement   To help others:

            Discover the love of God

            To find that Jesus is their Source for every need and for true fulfillment

            To understand their identity and significance in Christ

            To experience the abundant life of being filled with and baptized in the Holy Spirit

            To become equipped to fulfill their calling in the Kingdom of God

Vision:  To provide encouragement, knowledge and tools to grow through the ministry of myself and other Christians with articles, prophetic words, prayer, Christian book and music recommendations and links to other ministries which will be helpful in the Christian walk. 


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