Oasis of Living Waters

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In the past 13 years of being born-again, I have read hundreds of Christian living books.  My Christian persuasion is a Spirit-filled believer who loves to worship, to be enveloped in the presence of God and wants to see the “greater works than these” come forth as Jesus said they would, as His Kingdom comes to earth.  I believe in the power of the blood of Jesus, that the gifts of the Spirit are for today, that praying in tongues is very important.  I believe that “greater is He who lives in us” (1John 4:4) and that nothing is impossible for God, not even difficult and that He knows all things. From that perspective, these books have been most impacting to me.


My favorite Christian authors ar:

Derek Prince: The Marriage Covenant /  Blessings or Curses /

Francis Frangipane: The Three Batttlegrounds / The Stronghold of God

Bill Johnson: When Heaven Invades Earth / Face to Face with God

Mahesh Chavda : Only Love Can Make A Miracle/ The hidden Power of the Blood of Jesus

Chuck Pierce : Possessing Your Inheritance / Time to Defeat the Devil

Dutch Sheets: Intercessory Prayer/

John Bevere: Drawing Near / In Light of Eternity / The Bait of Satan / Under Cover

Randy Alcorn: Heaven /

Alan Vincent:

Joseph Stowell: Following Christ


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