Oasis of Living Waters

While I was in prayer , the Lord spoke the following to my heart.  I knew that it was just not a word to encourage me but that I was to share it with others to help them focus on Who God is and His faithfulness to see them through their situation.  So I pray it blesses you.                         Karen SR 2-13-08

                                                             I Am Mighty!

You are awed by my greatness! Do not doubt that I am all powerful and able to change any situation. I am mighty to save. My dudamis power lives in you through My Spirit to bring change, to bring restoration, to bring resurrection.

Yes, all things come from Me and all creativity, inspiration and solutions to problems comes from Me. Come to me, seek My face, and I will show you what to do, how to move, the next step. Do not try to reason things out. Come and ask Me to shine my light and show the way.

You face situations that look daunting and wonder how you will handle them and have victory. Remember David and Goliath- what seemed too great an enemy was nothing when he was inspired by Me. Just come and lay the problems at My feet and I will move on your behalf, bring unknown resources to you and give you the plan for success.

I will give you divine favor because you desire to live to please Me. I will open doors, lead you to divine appointments and release sources to meet your needs that you could not imagine. TRUST in Me- in My goodness, in My faithfulness and in My power!

Do not fear. Do not waver. You know that I hold you in the palm of My hand. I am your Protector and your Shield. You are My child and I am your Defender. No matter how big the enemy looks, I am GREATER. All power comes from Me- even the enemy would have none if I did not allow it.

Put your eyes on Me! Do not look to the right or the left. Do not wonder how or why. Come to Me and ask for My wisdom and for Me to move on your behalf. Things only look big- the sea only looks rough- when you take your eyes off Me. Remember that Peter sank and could no longer walk on the water when he took his eyes off Me. I call you to walk on the water - above your circumstances. Come to Me, keep your eyes on Me. I will give you all the power you need to walk in power and in victory.  Trust in Me!

                                                                         TRUST IN  ME

I love you.  As you have been telling others, I will also never leave you or forsake you!  I am always watching over you and have angels encamped around you.  You are My daughter and are very precious to Me.  I delight in your thanks and praise and in your desire to please Me and serve Me.  

Continue to trust in Me and to rest in My promises, filling up on My Word and basking in My presence until that rest and peace comes easily, with no striving.  Let love wash over you and  fill you in every part of your being, that there be no doubt that you are now and always being held in the palm of My mighty hand.

Do not fear the circumstances around you - take your eyes off the worldly things.  The one real Truth is Me and My Word and My promises.  They are eternal, unchanging and irrevocable.  The main thing is that you trust Me and obey Me.  Allow Me to truly be your Deliverer, Defender, Shield, Protector, Refuge, Strength, Provider and I will prove Myself faithful and true to you.  The more your trust Me, the more I have to respond.

Your love, your child-like faith, your total trust are like keys that unlock My heart and cause me to pour My love on you and to hold you close  in My arms.

                                                                         YOUR SHELTER and REFUGE

Just like the storm outside which has broken tress while you are safe inside, I am your Shelter and refuge as the storms of life swirl around you.  Do not be afraid.

The important thing is to keep your eyes and your heart focused on Me- on Who I am , on My power and might, on My promises. 

You are one of My beloved and I constantly watch over you and have My impenetrable shield of protection around you.  I also have many angels assigned to you and your family and all that is yours.

My plan and My purpose for you will not be thwarted or even interfered with.  The enemy will throw fiery darts but they will bounce off.  For truly, truly, "Greater am I who lives in you than he who is in the world" (1 John 4:4)

The most important weapon that you have is My Word- stand on it, My promises and speak it aloud . . . to build your faith and courage and to cause the enemy to flee.  My Word is alive and true and full of power.  It is an almighty sword which the enemy cannot match.

Remember that I hold you in the palm of My hand.  I will not let any harm come to you.  Psalm 3:3 "But You, O Lord, are a shield about me, my Glory and the One who lifts my head".

Do not feel that you must protect or defend yourself- just stay close to Me and all Me to shelter and protect you.

Keep your heart pure.  Be repentant and forgiving when it is required.




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